Audio Gallery

Audio Gallery of Banjos
These sound clips were graciously supplied by a few of our customers and some of our Wildwood dealers.  We encourage you Wildwood players to send us a recording and we will add it to this list. Not only are audio files a great help to others who are thinking about buying a Wildwood banjo, it’s a great way to share your talents and tunes with others.

Click on the Blue Link below to hear the song.

Soldier’s Joy played by Jason Ashby on a Wildwood Troubador (Tubaphone with a bracket shoe band)

John Brown’s Dream by Jason Ashby played on a Wildwood Troubador with bracket shoe band

Hot Corn Cold Corn by Tim Hicks played on a Wildwood Exotic Woods Series–The Fifth String in Berkley, CA.

Elderly Instruments- played by Derek on a Wildwood Minstrel with wood tone ring

Sugar Hill played by Jason Ashby

Buffalo Brother’s Music– Butcher’s Row played by Chris Cooper on a Wildwood Troubador

Unnamed original tune played by Jay Bowerman on a Wildwood Paragon banjo