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Hello.  I am the Staff acoustic guitarist/banjoist for the Grand Ole   Opry in Nashville.  I recently bought a Wildwood Troubador to play on the Opry stage…I cover everything from the traditional square dance on Saturday night to the popular “ganjo” parts that are appearing on many “modern Country” records…and I love the sound and workmanship of this banjo… It sounds better than
many banjos that were twice the price…and I had really been searching…from vintage Gibsons to
Ome and vintage Vegas and beyond.  If you ever come to Nashville, allow me to invite you as my
guest backstage at the Opry.  Best, Michael

Banjo arrived today safe and sound, and all I have to say is WOW!!!!!  You have exceeded my expectations once again!  The whole package is absolutely gorgeous!  Aesthetics, fit and finish beyond reproach.  Wood, gold plating, abalone, inlay pattern, craftsmanship, all absolutely perfect.  YOU NAILED IT!!  I am so happy. And the tone, so rich and full bodied.  Wooden tone ring the right call for this baby.  I am now officially addicted to your banjos. You have got to be proud of this one.  Thank you so much!  Tom


Lord have mercy … After waiting a few hours for the temperature to stabilize, I just opened my Wildwood Troubadour. I was stunned!! This is my first open back. I’m a die hard Stelling man, but
Geoff would have to walk alongside, or even a step or two back :-)

I haven’t picked yet, but that will surely be as rewarding as viewing. Your craftsmanship is that of nothing less than a master. Thanks for caring … Thanks for staying the course … Thanks for
making one of the most beautiful banjos I have ever seen! Take care … Bill


Hi Mark,

Wanted to let you know the banjo arrived in great shape and sounds terrific. It’s fun to be able to play in the deep E. Thnx for the great job!

Mahalo, Tim


Dear Mr. Platin:
I recently purchased a Wildwood Exotic Woods banjo from Mandolin Bros. in New York, and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. It is a beautiful and unique instrument that I will cherish for many years to come. Importantly, it encourages me to become a better player. In addition to its fine construction, I think the care and soul you put into your work is conveyed by the instrument. Thank you for your dedication.
Kate Arline


Just thought I would mention I was at Dusty Strings in Seattle last weekend helping a friend pick out a guitar- and tried a $4500 Ome banjo for the heck of it. My Troubador (with bracket band) is to that Ome as a Porsche is to a busted-up pickup. Your banjos blow everything else out of the water, and I have tried pretty much all the real competition- including some Boston tubaphones from the turn of last century. I totally love my banjo – it has changed my life. Thank you.


Hi Mark,

You built me a Troubador with a bracket shoe band that I bought through Janet Davis about a year ago.  I just realized that I have not told you how much I love this banjo!  It is bright and loud when I’m picking and warm and rich when I’m frailing.  I play with a bluegrass/folk at a pub in Juneau AK once a month and this is the only openback banjo that I have played that can compete with the volume of 4 other instruments and 4 loud singers around a single mic.  And the banjo is so beautiful I get compliments on it after every gig.

Thanks again for your fine craftsmanship and keep up the good work!


Dear Wildwood Banjos,
I’ve been playing banjo over 40 years and own a few real beauties. I want you to know how much I treasure my Wildwood Soloist. When I was shopping for a new banjo I discovered it costs at least $6000 to $8000 to get a modern banjo that sounds comparable to my 1930 Vega Tubaphone. That was before I discovered the Wildwood line of banjos! For half that kind of money I own your top of the line bluegrass model and I heartily endorse this fine instrument. There is so much beauty to admire, I love the walnut neck, finely crafted inlays on every fret, it well deserves the lavish gold hardware it sports. The sound is terrific, I love how heavy it is and I say again it would be hard to match the quality of tone and craftsmanship in the same price range. I fingerpick with a thumbpick and fingernails and I’m very “picky” about the sound of my banjos, it was a relief to find the Wildwood line of quality banjos. I used this banjo on the song “The Sun Will Rise Again” on the new Fistful of Leaves CD and on various YouTube Videos.
Thank you for your quality and dedication.
Eric Van der Wyk aka King Tet

My name is Randy Steele from Chattanooga. I purchase a new Wildwood Paragon from a dealer in Canada about 8 months ago. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I have been with the instrument. I play in a bluegrass band here in Tennessee and pick with a very loud band. I, however, have never been a loud player and have always valued tone over volume so when the time came to upgrade my banjo I decided to gamble with the Paragon in the hopes of achieving both tone and volume. Other banjos I’ve played that were loud always sounded to high pitched and thin to me. The tone of my Paragon is warmer and the instrument is louder than any other I’ve played. I am constantly getting complimented on the instrument at shows and even by other members of the band who hear it 3-4 times week. They still can’t believe the sound. Just wanted to throw a kudos your way and tell you thanks for the great work. I’ve attached a picture of the instrument and me playing at an awards ceremony here a few weeks ago. Thanks so much,



I received my new Wildwood Troubadour, purchased from Elderly Instruments, a couple of days ago, and I must say I am impressed with the craftsmanship, design aesthetics, feel, and tone quality of this superb openback. It has it all, and then some.

You folks do nice work.
Chuck – Beebe Plain, VT

I’m afraid there is a problem with my plectrum banjo, I can’t stop playing it!
Ken VanEtten


A quick note on the Paragon. I’m a bit stunned on how beautiful this instrument turned out. The “Tiger Striped Maple” used in the instrument fits together like a “fine crafted piece of art” (which it is)! Every detail to this instrument is impeccable. I’ve been around fine instruments for the better part of life and this Paragon has me mesmerized with the workmanship, materials, detail and tone. This bluegrass banjo sound is big, crisp and even with enough volume to hang with any bluegrass scenario.
When I ordered the Paragon I had someexpectations; this instrument has far exceeded them. I cannot say enough…..

Thanks for such an awesome instrument,
Mike Hanns

Just had to drop a note to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with the Minstrel my wife (and Santa) got me for Christmas. I have been searching for just the right open-back banjo to carry me back into frailing, but hadn’t heard the call until I played a Wildwood owned by another musician friend (Dennis Coats) here in Sandpoint, Idaho. Love at first sight, and now I’ve got my arms wrapped around my own Wildwood literally every night. Of course, I do put it down to hug my lovely wife, too. Thanks for your artistry and craftsmanship and please know that there are folks out there who truly appreciate the fine work you’re doing.

I just wanted to pass on a compliment. I have a Wildwood Soloist bluegrass banjo that I think is about 15 years old (?). I bought it at Elderly’s in Lansing Michigan (used) in 1995 or so. It was in a room of about 30 banjos, some costing $12,000 and this particular Wildwood really stood out and I continue to enjoy its sound, feel and look every single day. I have had tons of guitars, banjos, dobros and other instruments and my Wildwood isn’t just my favorite banjo, it is my favorite stringed instrument period. It just has “that something” that is so rare. It’s always there for me. I can’t really explain it, but I think you may know what I mean.
Dean J. Karavite

Hi Mark –
You probably know this, but I thought I’d pass it on in case you don’t. Went to see The Mammals in concert Friday night and the banjo player (Tao Rodriguez, Pete Seeger’s grandson) was playing a Wildwood Troubadour! That added an extra smile to the evening. They are a fun band despite all the songs they do about murder & destruction – reminded me of the Holy Modal Rounders but with a drum set and better vocals. I played several hours of tunes with some pals Saturday afternoon on my beautiful Wildwood! You are happy, I’m sure to be missing out on the cold weather we’re having. 8 below 0 when I woke up Sunday morning, lots warmer today -16 with freezing rain expected.

I bought an Heirloom from you a few years ago. I have been a Luther and set up guy for over 40 years. No banjo has met the standards of yours. They are just magic. I always wanted one of your machines and I saw your article in banjo newsletter and I said to myself…I need to do this. I have set up perhaps thousands of machines and yours rival any one, any deering even some of bob flesher’s work who I admire greatly and of course any Gibson ever made. The current Gibbys are good, but do not meet the specifications of your machines. I wanted to thank you for your contribution to this art form…..Roger Vittitoe….seemingly the only damn banjo teacher in central Illinois

I recently purchased one of your “Balladeer” instruments from Turtle Hill Banjos. Let me say that I am very pleased with my purchase. I should have bought one year ago. It has a great voice, and I thank you for building such a quality instrument.
Thank You!

Hello folks at Wildwood,
I bought a Wildwood Troubador banjo from you in about 1976 and have been playing it happily ever since. I would like information about prices of your banjos. Please send me a price list.
Thank you

Dear Mark,
I received my Balladeer banjo Monday. You should also advertise that your banjos will help you lose weight. Since I got it I can’t put it down and I forget to eat. A work of art. A classic. When I was shopping for a banjo I came across many. I picked yours for beauty and quality. I’m just interested to know if you have heard of the recording king banjo rb-306. Would there be a big difference between theirs and yours? My guess would be yours are built with much more care and experience. Again ,thank you so much for a beautiful and great sounding banjo.
Sincerely ,
Joel Fein

I just picked up my first Wildwood banjo from a fellow player on banjo hangout. I absolutely LOVE it! I can’t believe I have not played your instruments before!! I have a question about the banjo that I hope you can answer. It is made of wedge wood. The fellow that sold it to me said it was a one-of-a-kind.? I want to check out more of your wood tone ring banjos as I find this sound very pleasing!
Craig Evans

Love my banjo. I have played all the major brands, and have not found one that can even come close to my banjo. As a classical trained oboe player, I love the best and you have produced the very best.

Hi! Just a note to say I’m really enjoying my new ARTIST # 3660. This is one truly beautiful banjo in looks and sound. Y’all do a great job!! Thanks again–very much!!

To Mark and Wildwood Banjos:
I have just purchased a Wildwood Heirloom from Intermountain Guitar and Banjo, with Tubaphone Tone Ring. It’s almost impossible to put into words how fine looking, elegant and superb sounding this banjo is. About ten years ago, before I knew much about frailing I came upon two nice Wildwoods, a Troubador and the old Heirloom. This new banjo of mine, which I call “Woody” is beyond superlatives. What a sound, what smoothness of look and feel. Just had to say: THANK YOU for continuing to build these.

Good morning, I received my Heirloom yesterday and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of workmanship, choice of materials and the beautiful tone and sustain that it has. I looked at many manufacturers Deering, Ome, Bart Reiter etc. I was drawn initially by your advert and saw the style and quality of your banjos when you sent me out your catalogue. I received the banjo yesterday on returning from Africa, the few additional months waiting for an instrument of this caliber and quality was as far as I am concerned well worth it.
Many Thanks and Kind Regards,
Tom Lockhart

I have been playing banjo professionally for over 30 years. Broadway shows, Live Radio, Corporate bookings, etc. Recently I bought one of your banjos.[the bluegrass soloist with the vine inlay] this is one of the greatest banjos I have ever played. The tone, the playability, and the workmanship! I have been watching your work since the 1970es. I am only sorry that I didn’t buy one year ago. This banjo you built is better than my vintage Gibson Mastertone banjo.
Thank you Mark!!!!!
Bob Daniels

I recently acquired a Wildwood Artist (maple) and am very impressed. I have much experience with the more well-known brands, but I find this banjo unique in sound–all the power of Stellings yet with the string-to-string definition of many Gibson’s. Congratulations on your fine work. Of my current maple banjos–including a Gibson Granada, a Gibson RB-800, and a Desert Rose, it’s the one I pick up first.  I tinker with banjos as a hobby, and have not disassembled it yet, but am also quite impressed with the workmanship. Excellent fit and finish work, and fine attention to detail in the cosmetics.
John Miller
Director, Division of Fine Arts
North Dakota State University

Hi Mark –
The banjo arrived OK and it’s just beautiful!!! Sounds great, too!!! THANKS . Well worth waiting for. Please keep me on your mailing list.
Thanks again. – Don